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Clara has been acquired by TopFunnel, read more here.

A conversational intelligence that considers time, context, and connection

Power to the people people

At Clara Labs, we're building systems designed to make it easier for you to connect and collaborate. If you spend the best parts of your day learning about someone's goals, giving them guidance, or having them teach you something new, we're here for you.

The calendar is full of potential

Your calendar is where so much meaningful work happens. It's full of the new ideas you're pitching, the partnerships you're cementing, and the time you invest in brainstorming and building trust.

Your calendar is a snapshot of every day's potential, and it deserves technology-driven support. Clara makes your scheduling workflows more efficient, precise, and data-rich by combining machine learning and expert human support. And it's easy to rely on—Clara reads and writes in conversational language. It uses email just like you do.

We're building for impact

Clara works with teams across industries—addressing a wide range of coordination needs and stakeholders to serve. We see the range of use cases where Clara can have outsized impact, and we're building richer capabilities to support these workflows, starting with recruiting.

Our focus is currently on launching the features and integrations that make recruiting with Clara seamless, because scheduling can have a tremendous impact on the candidate experience and because recruiting is at the center of any team or company. Over time, we'll make similar investments for other workflows. Our human-in-the-loop foundation means Clara brings years of learning to every new scheduling process it tackles.

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