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Clara is the human-in-the-loop assistant who schedules on your behalf. Let Clara manage your in-email scheduling so you can focus on what matters.

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Simple to use Clara adapts to your workflow.

Clara works right from your inbox. There are no new tools to download — Just CC Clara in an email with meeting participants, and Clara will handle the email coordination from there.

Exceptionally reliable Clara is an assistant you can trust.

We’ve taken the best parts of humans and software to create an extremely accurate, human-centered experience that feels right. Clara, with over 97% accuracy, helps you confidently manage your relationships.

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"Clara Labs has absolutely changed the way our business operates. Clara schedules so efficiently, and with such great communication — it has saved so much time, money and worry about balls being dropped. It frees my team to use their brains in other ways. We LOVE our assistant Clara."

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